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Sunrise Pools and Spas are the leading pool design experts builders in Miami, Florida, and beyond.

Our expert team wants nothing more than to help you create beautiful poolside memories by professionally handling all your pool needs. 

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New Pool Construction

In today’s modern culture, recreation and entertainment are more of a necessity than a luxury. And a swimming pool is an excellent place to start.

Besides being a source of fun and enjoyment, a swimming pool also boasts many health benefits. For instance, regular swimming is a great way to burn calories, build muscles, and enhance your cardio-respiratory fitness without subjecting much pressure on your joints. Besides, the magical presence of a water feature in your home creates a sense of peace, calmness, and serenity. This will keep you relaxed and significantly improve your mental health.

Licensed Pool Builders
So, Why Choose Us?

Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Sunrise Pools and Spas is committed to providing satisfactory customer services. Our team of professionals aims to serve with the utmost passion and deliver results that surpass our clients’ expectations. We are constantly working to maintain and enhance our performance by offering the best services that reflect our company’s vision, mission, integrity, and pride.
We are honest, dependable, convenient, and your number one choice for a professionally built and well-maintained healthy swimming pool. This explains why our customers are always confident enough to recommend us to their friends and families.

Your Pool, Your Way

At Sunrise Pools and Spas, we understand that every spa and swimming pool is different. We serve clients with a wide range of different needs, preferences, and expectations. That is why we always aim to build our swimming pools based on the clients’ specifications while paying attention to the property’s needs. As a result, our end product is a gorgeous, unique swimming pool and an incredible entertainment and relaxation center in your yard.

Customized Swimming Pool Designs

Sunrise Pools and Spas is your go-to place for a wide range of pool layouts and designs. Once you contact us, you will receive all the attention you need right from the initial inquiry stages to the end of the project. We will listen to you and have our designers take you through the entire project. We will walk and work with you to ensure we design and build your dream backyard oasis exactly how you want it. When the team embarks on the pool building project, you can expect to see the following construction activities in progress:

Initial evaluation


Rebar and form installation

Shotcrete operations

Pool deck installation

Tile installation

Swimming pool plaster installation and finishing

Completion and final pool clean-up operations

At Sunrise Pools and Spas, we are always ready to add any exterior pool features when and how you want them. So whether you need a fountain, a rock waterfall, or a tiki hut, we have you covered. You do not need to wait any longer to build the pool you have always wanted. Our pool-building experts are here to help.


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Sunrise Pools and Spas are the leading swimming pool design experts and builders in Miami, Florida, and beyond. Our expert team wants nothing more than to help you create beautiful poolside memories by professionally handling all your pool needs.

Our Testimonials

I cannot get enough of my newly installed pool. Sunrise Pools and Spas was an incredible team who did an amazing job on my yard. They were kind enough to listen to me and patiently answer all my questions. I would recommend these pros to anyone looking to install a pool in their home.

José García

Thank you, Sunrise Pools and Spas, for your excellent work renovating my swimming pool. At first, I was worried that this would be a stressful activity, but you proved that it does not have to be that hard. The entire team was professional, friendly, and very energetic. Our pool time has not been the same again!

Alfredo Ramírez

I needed my pool cleaned, retiled, and repainted. This is where I wanted to throw my daughter’s graduation party. I contacted Sunrise Pools and Spas, who responded swiftly despite the short notice. The whole team was accommodating. They even cleaned and left the yard spotless at the end of the project! What a team!

Alejandra Fonseca

The Best Pool Financing in Florida

When installing a new swimming pool finding and partnering with the right financial partner is crucial. We understand that this might be quite a costly process. That is why we have partnered with Lyon Financial and HFS home improvement loans to help you finance your project.




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